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Bringing Hope to Life


  • Developing each individual intellectually, physically and spiritually to the fullest potential to grow in grace and dignity through knowledge and faith to positively contribute in developing peaceful society based on highest divine principles.



  • Enable the students to possess qualities of good human being and patriotic Pakistani Citizen with clear understanding of their relation to the Creator and the Universe to become part of the Muslim Ummah and positively contribute to the global society based on justice, peace and harmony.



  1. Freedom of expression (express his views with independence)
  2. Teamwork (cooperation, collaboration)
  3. Personal Development (Individual improvement)
  4. Confidence (self-assurance)
  5. Dedication (Determination/commitment)
  6. Respect (Respect each other)
  7. Justice & Peace (fairness & tranquility)
  8. Patience & Integrity (Honesty)